Benefits of Group Therapy

For many people who have an addiction, a support group is what held them together during the most challenging stages of their recovery. While joining a support group for the first time is always intimidating, the benefits of group therapy far outweigh attempting to recover on your own.

group therapy program in Massachusetts is a great place to get connected with others who are also on the path to recovery. Once you complete treatment you can also join a support group or 12 step programs at your treatment center or in the community. The important thing is that you stay connected with a group.

What are some of the group therapy benefits? Let’s explore below.

1. You Do Not Have to Battle Addiction Alone

It is just as easy to feel isolated during recovery as you do when you are in the midst of addiction. Sometimes it can feel like you are fighting the whole world alone. A group provides all the support you could need to help you get through the challenges of recovery.

One of the most common misconceptions that people have coming into therapy is their addiction is unique and that no one understands what they are going through. While it is true that your story may be unique, your struggles are not. You are more likely to feel a sense of comfort knowing that others are struggling alongside you.

2. Support Groups Are About Giving and Receiving

The relationship you have with your support group is like any other relationship. You receive encouragement, feedback, and honest opinions from others. In turn, you provide encouragement, insight, and support to those around you. This type of give-and-take therapy is different from the dynamic you have with a therapist.

Group therapy provides a unique type of support that is also different from your friends or family. There are people in your group who understand what you are going through and choose to support you no matter what. They have been there time and again.

3. You Can Speak Your Mind

Simply put, group therapy is cathartic. Being in an environment where you can release repressed emotions can provide a tremendous amount of healing. During a session, a therapist encourages you to explore how you are feeling and talk about it with others in the group.

When you have the freedom to speak your mind, then you are no longer afraid to finally talk about things that have been bottled up inside for years. The best thing about group therapy is that when you talk, you do not have to fear being judged.

4. Group Therapy Creates Empathy

We often judge people that we do not understand. We look from a distance and make all kinds of assumptions. Group therapy has a way of turning judgment into empathy. The “We’re all in this together” mentality creates a level playing field where everyone is on the same path.

When you hear someone else’s struggles, story, addiction, frustrations, and successes, then it gives you an appreciation for what others have gone through to get where they are. Empathy creates compassion, forgiveness, and genuine love for those around you. This is something we all need during recovery.

Learn More About the Benefits of Group Therapy

If you are ready to take the first step to addiction recovery, a support group can help you succeed. In addition to group therapy, we also offer:

NFA Behavioral Health can help you explore the benefits of group therapy. To find out more, call us at 866.420.6222 . We can help you get on the path to recovery.

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