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woman cooking sober Thanksgiving dinner with her son
how to stay sober during the holidays
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Sober Thanksgiving

The holidays can make staying sober hard, especially if it’s your first year. You may associate holiday socializing with alcohol or other drugs, forming a

group holding hands close to help in preventing heroin relapse
heroin relapse prevention
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Goals for Preventing Heroin Relapse

Heroin is an opioid drug that’s so highly habit-forming that it’s nearly impossible to stop using it without the help of professional medical intervention. But once

Woman in a group session learns about what is alcoholics anonymous
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What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

At our NFA Behavioral Health addiction treatment facility, we are very proud to help our clients establish recovery. Just the same, we are also well

Woman dealing with depression and drug abuse
depression and drug abuse
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Dealing with Depression and Drug Abuse

You’ve been struggling with bouts of the blues for a while now. Some days, you can barely get out of bed. However, now, there’s the