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NFA Behavioral Health

Heroin Addiction Treatment Center Nashua NH

NFA Behavioral Health offers help from substance abuse at our heroin addiction treatment center in Nashua, NH. We offer a variety of treatment programs that

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NFA Behavioral Health

Sober Thanksgiving

The holidays can make staying sober hard, especially if it’s your first year. You may associate holiday socializing with alcohol or other drugs, forming a

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NFA Behavioral Health

Goals for Preventing Heroin Relapse

Heroin is an opioid drug that’s so highly habit-forming that it’s nearly impossible to stop using it without the help of professional medical intervention. But once

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NFA Behavioral Health

Types of Trauma Therapy

Just as there a different ways of experiencing a traumatic event, there are different types of trauma therapy to help treat the symptoms of PTSD.

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NFA Behavioral Health

Benefits of Group Therapy

For many people who have an addiction, a support group is what held them together during the most challenging stages of their recovery. While joining

what is experiential therapy?
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What is Experiential Therapy?

What is experiential therapy? During experiential therapy, you engage in activities that help you express yourself in a more healthy manner in given situations. Experiential

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NFA Behavioral Health

Is Alcoholism A Disease?

Is alcoholism a disease? When most people think of diseases, they typically think of a physical or medical condition such as cancer, respiratory diseases, or