Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Does insurance cover rehab? It depends on your insurance provider, your policy, and your eligibility for coverage. Most insurance providers in New Hampshire provide coverage for rehab on some level. Before you seek treatment for addiction, you need to consult your insurance provider to discuss the details of your insurance policy.

You can also go through insurance verification in New Hampshire with your treatment center. Simply call or visit the treatment center to find out what type of treatment they offer and whether it is covered under your plan. A detox or treatment center can help you find ways to maximize your coverage so that you save money without sacrificing quality care.

Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Provider

If you do not know where to start to find out about your insurance provider and rehab costs, below are some questions you can ask such as:

  • What is my deductible? What is my copay?
  • Does my insurance policy cover detox?
  • What is the difference in coverage between inpatient and outpatient?
  • What are the dollar limits to my coverage?
  • Does the policy cover holistic treatment?
  • What is your pre-authorization policy?

Make sure you look over your insurance policy closely. Make sure you understand every detail on every page. If you miss a critical piece of information on your policy, it could cost you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket-expenses.

Questions You Should Ask Your Treatment Center

If you have never been to rehab before, then you may not be aware of the treatment programs, amenities, or facilities they provide. You may also not know what services they provide that are covered under your policy. Below are some questions you should ask a treatment specialist including:

  • Is your treatment center in my insurance company’s network?
  • What treatment do you provide that is covered under my policy?
  • How can you help me maximize my coverage and save money?
  • What is the difference in the cost of inpatient and outpatient services?
  • How do you process insurance claims? Who is responsible?

Make sure you understand the claims process of your substance abuse treatment center. Also, make sure you know what your insurance company’s policy is if the treatment center is not in the network.

Is a Relapse a Pre-Existing Condition?

It is important to know what your insurance provider’s policy is regarding relapse and returning to detox or a drug addiction rehab center. Some insurance providers will deny you coverage if you relapse and fall back into addiction.

One way to prevent relapse from occurring is to participate in an aftercare program. While you will spend more money on aftercare, you will save thousands of dollars in relapse treatment. Insurance companies are for more likely to pre-authorize extended care instead of relapse care.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab? Call Us Today!

Does insurance cover rehab? If you have any further questions about insurance coverage for addiction therapy treatment, contact NFA Behavioral Health. We accept insurance from most companies in New Hampshire. To find out more, call us at 866.420.6222 . We are here to help!

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