Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab

You’re finally deciding to put yourself first. However, trying to quit substance abuse on your own hasn’t worked. It’s time’s to check into residential rehab. Do you know what the benefits of residential drug rehab are?

A Supportive Environment Makes Self-Care Possible

Private facility residential drug rehab offers a supportive atmosphere in a relaxing environment. You also know that you’ll always have access to a clinician. Most importantly, therapists customize care approaches to suit your needs.

That said, there are also additional benefits of residential drug rehab you might not think of right now. For example, if you’re in a codependent relationship, this buffer between you and your partner protects you. You now have the opportunity to see clearly whether this relationship is helping you. There’s no more of the guilt.

Another benefit is the ability to live in a safe setting where abstinence is the prevailing philosophy. In your household, you might have people who’re using. Although they might express support for you, it’s hard to quit when someone’s doing drugs. At the facility, you don’t have to struggle with that.

Evidence-Based Therapies are Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab

At the NFA Behavioral Health residential drug rehab center in New Hampshire, you undergo evidence-based therapies. These treatments show excellent results. Success stories mention the care approaches time and again. Therefore, it’s fair to assume that they’ll also work for you.

Examples include:

  • Grief and loss therapy that becomes part of dialectical behavior treatment
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy as a tool for turning away from dysfunctional stress responses
  • Motivational interviewing, which encourages you to be all in with your recovery efforts
  • Trauma treatment as a tool for managing and processing negative situations from your past
  • Group therapy, which helps you accept and receive peer feedback and encouragement
  • Individual therapy as a method for opening up about situations you’ve never talked to anyone about
  • Holistic care approaches that include experiential therapies

Residential drug rehab benefits also include dual diagnosis treatments for a variety of conditions. Experts agree that underlying mental health concerns frequently fuel substance abuse. Examples might consist of anxiety, panic disorders, as well as depression. By learning how to recognize the symptoms and manage them, you remove one trigger.

Therefore, you gradually whittle away at the stressors and triggers that initially caused you to abuse substances. Because you most likely didn’t enter rehab with a formal diagnosis, this might be the first time you receive one. Almost all program participants express surprise when they learn of their conditions. Suddenly, the pieces fall into place.

You were self-medicating and didn’t even realize it. All this time, you’ve struggled with feelings of guilt, fear, and shame. Now, you learn that the addiction isn’t your fault. There’s a lot of freedom in that.

Enroll in Care Today

Of course, this type of treatment doesn’t happen overnight. It takes several weeks to work through the conditions. Therefore, a residential rehab stay is far more productive in most cases than a different treatment approach. That said, you can only make this determination by talking to a therapist.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of residential drug rehab? Don’t you owe it to yourself to quit suffering and start living again? Now’s the time for self-care. Call the NFA Behavioral Health at 866.420.6222 to take the first step toward recovery.

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