Treating Fentanyl Addiction in a Fentanyl Addiction Rehab Center New Hampshire

Are you worried that you may have a fentanyl addiction? Are you certain you have a fentanyl addiction, and you need help? Fentanyl is a very dangerous medication, and it’s one that you may need professional help to recover from. A fentanyl addiction rehab center New Hampshire can help.

fentanyl addiction rehab center new hampshire, person sitting on ground in darknessFentanyl is an Extraordinarily Dangerous Substance

All substance abuse is inherently dangerous, but fentanyl is especially so. It’s extremely easy to overdose on fentanyl, and it’s not always possible to know what dosage you’re taking. If you are using fentanyl, your life is at risk. You need to connect with a fentanyl addiction treatment center NH as soon as possible, or you could experience an overdose the next time you use it.

Signs of Fentanyl Abuse and Addiction

You may have only used fentanyl occasionally. You may feel as though you’ve only experimented with fentanyl, and that you don’t have a problem yet. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t experiencing fentanyl addiction or symptoms of fentanyl abuse.

Here are some of the most notable signs:

  • Needing to use additional fentanyl to get the experience that you want. Like other opiates, fentanyl produces a feeling of euphoria and well-being when you use it. But you will find yourself needing to use more and more to get that same experience. With fentanyl, more than most other drugs, this is very dangerous. There can be a narrow range between the amount of fentanyl needed to produce euphoria and the amount that could be fatal.
  • Feeling dizzy or confused. If you’ve used too much fentanyl or used it too often, you may enter into a state of dizziness or confusion. If you are experiencing these symptoms after taking fentanyl, you should get medical help immediately. After going into a medical facility for treatment, you can then find a fentanyl rehab program NH.
  • Experiencing nausea and vomiting. This is a sign that you’ve taken too much fentanyl. Nausea and vomiting is one of the early stages of a fentanyl overdose and should be countered by contacting emergency medical care. Because the dosage of fentanyl can be so delicate, it’s very easy to overdose on fentanyl.
  • Drowsiness and exhaustion. Over time, you may experience drowsiness and exhaustion, or even flu-like symptoms, and these may persist even when you are not using fentanyl. You may find that fentanyl no longer produces any “high” or euphoria for you, but you still need to take it in order to feel “well.”

Fentanyl Addiction Rehab Center New Hampshire

If you’re having adverse issues after taking fentanyl, you need to get emergency medical help immediately. If you feel as though you’ve become dependent on fentanyl, and you feel like you need to keep taking fentanyl, you should look for a fentanyl addiction rehab center New Hampshire. Because the symptoms of fentanyl addiction are fairly minor, some people may feel tempted to brush it off. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need a rehab center, as fentanyl is both physically and psychologically addictive.

A fentanyl addiction rehab center New Hampshire can help you through the withdrawal effects associated with fentanyl addiction. These withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Irritability
  • Sweating
  • Exhaustion
  • And, ultimately, relapse

Unlike similar medications, fentanyl withdrawal usually doesn’t have serious side effects. Rather, someone who has been abusing fentanyl may simply be overcome with the psychological desire to use the medication again, due to the euphoria that it produces. A fentanyl rehab Canterbury NH can help you get through the withdrawal process without using again.

Fentanyl Hides in Other Drugs

Fentanyl is particularly dangerous because it can be hidden in other drugs, especially opiates. Heroin is often cut with fentanyl to produce a more pronounced high, but it’s many times more dangerous than heroin because a much smaller amount of fentanyl is needed for an overdose.

Consequently, those who do other drugs may also experience an addiction to fentanyl or be more vulnerable to addiction to fentanyl. Those who are fighting with a fentanyl addiction may not just need a fentanyl addiction rehab center New Hampshire, but may also need additional care for other addictions.

Do you feel as though you may have a fentanyl addiction? It’s time to look for a fentanyl addiction rehab center New Hampshire. Connect with us today at NFA Behavioral Health to make an appointment. You can call us at 866.420.6222 .