What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

At our NFA Behavioral Health addiction treatment facility, we are very proud to help our clients establish recovery. Just the same, we are also well aware of how fragile that recovery can be. We are acutely aware of the temptations that await each client. Therefore, in an effort to be proactive, we make sure our exiting clients understand that they have access to aftercare programs that should help them beat their alcohol addiction. One such program is Alcoholic Anonymous. However, what is Alcoholics Anonymous? Let’s discuss that.

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

According to the program’s marketing material, Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship of men and women who have a desire to stop drinking. The program first came to life in 1935 when Jim Wilson, an alcoholic, had a chance meeting with another alcoholic. During their meeting, they made a promise to offer support to each other as they both pursued sobriety. What is AA? AA is the ultimate support group for people with an existing drinking problem or in recovery.

Members run their own meetings, which they hold in meeting rooms all over the world. There are no dues. The only requirement is to want to stop drinking and also offer help to others who are suffering from a drinking problem.

The Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous

Now that we have identified what is Alcoholics Anonymous, let’s discuss the program’s benefits. Throughout the AA program, members live and breathe the mantra “there’s nothing more important than one alcoholic helping another.”

When considering what is AA, there are two essential facets at which to look. The first facet relates to the support of one another among members. Through the help of other members, especially a person’s sponsor, there’s always a way to get the help you need. Members have to be there for each other because they know one day they might need support.

The other facet is the “12 Steps of Recovery” that serves as the backbone of recovery within the program itself. Each member gets an opportunity to work the 12 Steps with a sponsor of their choosing. Under the guidance of a sponsor, each member goes on a journey of soul-searching and healing. After taking responsibility, making amends and aligning themselves with a higher power of their choosing, members begin to heal.

Making a Difference at NFA Behavioral Health

Along with our 12 Step program in New Hampshire, we offer a vast menu of addiction treatment options. Our counselors can choose from this menu when they develop a custom program for each of their clients. Among the available options is an absolute focus on both evidenced-based therapies and the integration of holistic treatment options. Let’s take a look at some of what we have in the offering:

As you work towards recovery, you should consider participating in Alcoholics Anonymous. What is Alcoholics Anonymous? A tool to combat threats against your sobriety. If we can help you at NFA Behavioral Health, please contact us at 866.420.6222 .

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